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Rito de Iniciação Cristã para Adultos

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


Preparação de Adultos para o Crisma

Para quem ainda não recebeu o Crisma

Adultos, ou jovens, que frequentaram a Catequese mas não chegaram a receber o santo Sacramento do Crismo são convidados a inscrever-se para os encontros quinzenais, que são à quarta-feira. O próximo encontro será anunciado. As sessões são às 8h15 da noite na Sala do Bom Pastor, situada na residência paroquial. Procurar, na secretaria paroquial, ficha de inscrição.

Are You Interested in the Catholic Faith?

(The segment’s are also ‘pdf’ downloads.)

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
8 – 9:30 PM

Our Lady of Fatima offers those who wish to begin a new journey in faith to share the richness of the Catholic Church and our parish family.  We invite you to learn what the Church teaches, and to be introduced to some of our parish members.

RICA - Sessão 01

RICA - Sessão 02

RICA - Sessão 03

RICA - Sessão 04

RICA - Sessão 05

RICA - Sessão 06

RICA - Sessão 07

RICA - Sessão 08

RICA - Sessão 09

These sessions also are opportunities for you, and others that you may wish to invite, to ask those perplexing and difficult questions you may have about the Church.

These gatherings are for inquirers and are open to people who are unbaptized, as well as those who are baptized Christians from Protestant or Evangelical backgrounds.  New sessions begin each October in the Parish House - Good Shepherd Room 82-84 Congress Street, Newark, NJ 07105.  Feel free to come any second and fourth Wednesday. Please give us a call if you have questions and would like further information at 973.589.8433.

RICA - Sessão 10

RICA - Sessão 11

RICA - Sessão 12

RICA - Sessão 13

RICA - Sessão 14

RICA - Sessão 15

RICA - Sessão 16

RICA - Sessão 17

RICA - Sessão 18

RICA - Sessão 19

RICA - Sessão 20


Preparation of Adults for Confirmation

Did you Receive

the Sacrament of Confirmation?

Adults or young people who have attended catechesis (CCD) but have not received the holy Sacrament of Chrism or Confirmation are invited to sign up for the bimonthly meetings, which are held on Wednesday. Next meeting is to be announced. Sessions are at 8:15 pm in the Good Shepherd Room, located in the parish residence. Please go to the parish office for registration form.

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