Ministérios da Paróquia

Parish Ministries


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Sociedade do Santo Nome

Holy Name Society

O que é a Sociedade do Santo Nome?

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What is the Holy Name Society?

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Confraria do Rosário

Rosary Society

O que e a Confraria de Nossa Senhora do Rosário?

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What is the Our Lady of the Rosary Society?

The Rosary Society is an organization for women of Our Lady of Fatima Parish who are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Grounded in love for Our Blessed Mother, our primary purpose is to promote awareness and devotion to the Rosary.

Our members are, first and foremost, women of prayer, who enjoy spiritual benefits from being united in fraternal charity with Rosary associations worldwide (under the care and guidance of the Dominican Order) through the prayer of the Holy Rosary. We strive to comply with Pope Leo XIII’s apostolic constitution on the Most Holy Rosary as stated in our by-laws.

Our women are confident in the knowledge that when we pray the Rosary with Mary, she intercedes for us before Our Father and before her Son, Jesus. In pondering the richness of the Gospel stories contained in the Rosary, our hearts, minds, and souls begin to understand God’s will in the joys and sorrows of our own lives. We want to make everyone aware of the special graces the prayer of Our Lady’s Rosary can bring.

Women Who Share
The Rosary Society provides spiritual and social activities for its members and also the parish family. Our many events offer opportunities for prayer, friendship and building community. In working to produce these events, Rosary members discover the blessings of making spiritual friends. Unlike other friendships, women find companions who share spiritual help and support for one another on the journey of life.

Women Who Care
Finally, the Rosary Society supports the parish by hosting fundraisers, among which include the "Cozido à Portuguesa" in February, and "St Martins" in November. The proceeds from this event, as well as any funds leftover after organizational expenses, are given in charity to those in the parish family whose needs may be otherwise unmet and parish needs.

Meetings generally take place on the first Tuesday of the month, except when needed and during the summer months. We currently have over 50 members with a goal that every woman in the parish will join us and share in the spiritual privileges of being a member as well as to give honor to Our Lady by praying and promoting the Rosary.

The Rosary Society Fosters Devotion to Mary…

  • We honor Mary with the prayer of the Rosary. Rosary members individually strive to pray the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries at least once each week. 

  • We say the Rosary together before each monthly meeting and at our Spiritual Events. 

  • We ask Mary’s intercession for the sick and the deceased members of our Society. 

  • Provide rosaries, coloring books, pamphlets and information on the Rosary at all events

…through prayer and good works…
The Rosary Society promotes good fellowship among the women of the parish, and brings them together in events that are open to all:

  • 2 Special Masses during the year (May 13 and October 7), followed by a lovely coffee and pastries after the Masses

  • Mass on the Sunday at 11:30am following our monthly meeting.

  • A Lenten Day of Recollection 

  • Pilgrimage to a Marian Shrine 

  • New Members Coffee –an informal way to learn about our group 

  • The Living Rosary- participants commit themselves to praying the rosary every day, and an evening of instruction for those who want to learn how to pray the Rosary

…for causes that would be dear to her heart.
With proceeds from Members' Fees, donations, and our fundraisers, the Rosary Society supports the various needs of the parish community by making charitable contributions.

Becoming a Rosarian
The Rosary Society is always looking for good women of all ages and all states in life to join us as members.

Any woman who is registered and in good standing at St. Mary’s Church is eligible to join the Rosary Society to share in its many benefits and spiritual privileges.

New members are inducted on October 7 at a special Mass, but participation in any of our events is open to all. Dues are $20.00 per one year membership.

For contact, please call our Parish Office or click here for more information.

Organizações Afiliadas

Afiliated Organizations

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O que são os Escuteiros/as?

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What are the Scouts?

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