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Paróquia de

Nossa Senhora de Fátima 

Feliz Páscoa


Happy Pascha

"Que possais sentir em cada dia a presença do Senhor Ressuscitado e partilhar com os outros a alegria e a esperança que Ele nos dá."

Papa Francisco I

Mensagem Urbi et Orbe do dia de Páscoa

Easter Message

  On behalf of the Clergy, Fr. Joseph and Deacon Albino, I'm pleased to extend my paschal greetings to all our parishioners and visitors who came here.

  On Easter Sunday we recall with great joy our redemption from sin and death in Jesus Christ. May the Risen Lord pour out His grace upon you, and give you the courage to bring the Good News to others. I invoke Easter blessings upon all of you! I wish you all a serene day, in the light and peace of the Risen Lord.

  The Lord Jesus is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Fr. António Ferreira da Silva

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